September Pay Day Wishlist

I’m currently in a bit of a pickle. I love Autumn, and ASOS is seriously calling to me at the moment. Unfortunately, my bank balance is also calling to me, but unfortunately it’s shouting “STOP! PUT IT DOWN, YOU CRAZY WOMAN! REMEMBER THE PHONE BILL!”

(Also it’s my birthday in November and I like to give everyone options…)

Here are my top picks I’ve found this month. Enjoy!

Monki Leopard Print Jumpsuit – £30.

monki jumpsuit

Oh, isn’t it GLORIOUS. Personally think this’d be perfect for lounging around in, but also brilliant for dressing up and going out for a few gins as well. Imagining it with a dark red lip, my Nike Janoski’s, and a leather jacket and a rhubarb gin in hand, yes!

ASOS High Waisted Tapered Trousers – £25


I’ve been a bit brave recently, for me anyway, and I’ve stepped away from wearing black skinny jeans recently. It doesn’t sound like much but denim wise, I’ve worn solely black skinny jeans for as long as I can remember. I once went through an Avril Lavigne phase and someone gave me some big baggy blue jeans, but I lost them on a holiday. I’ve recently branched out with some Mom jeans from GAP which are amazing, so I’ve decided to really push the boat out and try these tapered trousers out for a slightly more put-together look. No…YOU’RE trying to impress the other parents on the school run!

Leopard jumper from Sainsburys – £20 (I can’t find this jumper on their website, so I may have dreamt this one. I apologise.)


Excuse that the picture isn’t as profesh as the others, this one was taken by me in my local Sainsburys to send to my family as a hint towards birthday presents, haha! It ticks all my boxes: that wine-red colour, leopard print, cosy! I hope I get this because I’ll be so snuggly in it, especially during the horrible weather we’ve been having and will probably have for the next few months too.

Monki Cross Body Camera Bag – £15


I love a bit of mustard, and since Elliot’s all grown up and doesn’t need a million nappies/trousers/bottles/anything babies need anymore, I can use small bags again! This would be perfect for when Elliot’s at school and I’m wandering about aimlessly. Plus it’s my favourite colour – win win! And when he’s not at school, I can chuck an oaty bar in there for him and a few cars and he’ll be good to go.

ASOS Design Western Boots – £35


THESE BOOTS ARE BEAUTIFUL. That BUCKLE. That detail on the toe. I talk to myself a lot at home, but very rarely do I squeal to myself – and these boots made me squeal. They’d be PERFECT for when it gets too cold to trot about in my pumps or trainers.

Well, my bank balance has given up now and is not talking to me anymore but I’m personally very excited about everything I found online here!

What are your winter staples, let me know! 🙂