Realistic Renovations: Goals For The Year

Haha, bet you thought you’d seen the last of this segment!

After our sudden burst of excitement regarding the bathroom last year, we’ve plateau’d a little bit over the past few months as we had birthdays and Christmas and New Year then Elliot’s birthday and holidays.

Basically all we have left to do in the bathroom is buy a toilet roll holder, a cabinet and get a new light fitting as our current bug graveyard is slightly depressing.

BUT I’m getting twitchy fingers and am looking at the rest of the house with critical eyes, working out who the next victim will be…

We’ve only got a tiny house, so there aren’t that many rooms to deal with so it should be really easy!

Anyway. Here’s my ideas for the rest of the house. (I know I said the year in the title but that may be slightly idealistic but we’ll ignore that for now.)

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Elliot’s room needs painting and new curtains. The accessories of the room are all orange, so we need to think of a colour that will go well with orange. I have concluded that no colour goes with orange and I’m at a standstill as I am adamant that his bedroom will not resemble the inside of a pumpkin. I’ve bought jungle themed wall stickers and have been eyeing up these curtains to give everything a bit of a theme.

Our room needs a reshuffle. We have a MASSIVE almost walk-in wardrobe but it’s currently really badly organised. I’ve been dreaming about wardrobe compartments which shows a) I’m at a turning point in my life as I’m normally the untidiest person you’ll ever meet and b) I’m really fucking boring.

Honestly, a custom fitted wardrobe advert came on telly earlier and I sighed a sigh that’s normally reserved for when I imagine a Jake Gyllenhaal/Tom Holland sandwich with a Hayley filling.

I also really want to paint it pink. WAIT, REECE, HEAR ME OUT. I’m going for a more boudoir vibe than jumble sale, since I’m a grown woman who dreams about wardrobe compartments.

The landing/hall/front room/dining room are all the same – yellow and boring. It all needs painting to give it a new life, I’m thinking a neutral light grey with loads of frames. I’d also like loads of plants but I’ve already killed Elliot’s beanstalk from school that he brought home the other week so I won’t hold out much hope.

The kitchen *rubs hands together* will be the next biggest project. This will be hopefully started this summer, as we can live off BBQ’d Halloumi and chinese takeaway whilst my 90’s hellhole is being removed. I cannot wait to live in a Wickes show room, standing there cooking some lovely fresh meal that is definitely NOT oven chips whilst admiring mug storage. Just with more Star Wars themed accessories. BB8 biscuit tin, I’m looking at you.

I love talking and reading about interiors and I’m excited to get going with this whole renovations series again.

I’m currently preparing a bumper kitchen post, full of ideas and inspiration – both Pinterest and practical, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well.

Speak soon!


Realistic Renovations: ASOS Homeware

We’re back in the game, ladies and gents! I’m done with Christmas and birthdays and normal programming has resumed.

Which means I’ve got twitchy fingers and want to get started on the house again.

And when I say “get started on the house again” I mean…start shopping for decorative bits around the house whilst Reece does all the important work like tiling and painting and sawing etc.

So imagine my happiness when I see that ASOS have released a Homeware range.

It’s all stuff that is ~in fashion right about now, so there’s lots of pink and leopard print and macrame planters. Which luckily, is my jam!

Luckily for me and my budget, it’s also all quite reasonably priced so we’re not being unrealistic here.

I’m not about to sit here and tell you about the £25 toilet roll holder I saw online today. Hell no. We all know you can go to ASDA and buy one for about £9 maybe that will be perfectly fine.

ANYWAY. Enough about toilet roll holders. Let’s get onto the exciting bits.

ASOS Supply Bamboo Planter – £14

This is so cute! I think it’d look really good in my front room as I’m desperate to get some more greenery in there.

We’ve now got a big Ikea Kallax unit in our front room playing the part of bookshelf/toybox/holding all the photo frames we haven’t put up on the wall yet and I think that needs some fake plants on too.

But then I think everything needs more fake plants..

ASOS SUPPLY leopard and leaf double duvet – £35

This bedding is DREAMY. Leopard print AND florals?

I think it’d make a great statement if you were renting and were lacking in options of things to do with the walls/floors in your room. It’d also look great in a more luxe room, a bit like what they’ve done in the photo above with blush pink and that Farrow & Ball colour that everyone and their dog has used on Instagram.

(Although we’re on a budget so we’d go down to the Valspar stand and get them to colour match it for half the price – mwahaha!)

ASOS SUPPLY cheeky brush strokes tufted rug – £36

Just thought this rug looked mega cute.

And it’s really quite cheap too so if you’re renting a room at University or you’re really trying to decorate on a budget then this would be a great starting point. It’s amazing what rugs, blankets and statement cushions can do to an otherwise bland room.

ASOS SUPPLY Heart Shaped Basket – £18

Everyone always needs more baskets, right?

I think this would be so cute to store baby toys in. It could also be a cute stair basket (where you put all the shit that needs to go upstairs or downstairs and it looks better than a pile of rubbish stretching up the stairs) and would probably inspire me to actually take the washing upstairs if it was this cuuuuute!

ASOS SUPPLY pink pom pom bathmat – £16

Everything in this picture is really nice. LEOPARD PRINT TOWEL. PASTEL BASKET. BLUSH PINK POM POM BATHROOM MAT. I would just order it all but I can’t get away with any more towels – apparently we have enough?

This bathroom mat is really nice and looks like it’d be so soft when you’re soggy and cold after having a shower at 7am when it’s still dark outside. Plus it would make any manky old rented bathroom look a bit more chic~

I think this is only the first drop from ASOS with regards to their homeware so keep an eye on their website for the next bits to appear.

Let me know what you like the look of and if you’re going to pick anything up?