I’m Not A Bad Feminist Because I Dust My Curtain Poles

If you follow me on Twitter, (@hayleyldoyle) then you’ll see I retweeted a Metro article the other day about cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch. And let me tell you, this woman goes IN on Mrs Hinch and all those who bleach behind her.

Now, I’m all over women supporting women and am not overly angry at the author of the piece. I’m angry that women can’t enjoy shit without someone having a go at them.


Women don’t seem to be able to enjoy something for themselves, people don’t seem to believe it, everything we do must be For The Men. Shaving armpits? For the men. Bleaching the sink? For the patriarchy. Putting some Zoflora on a bit of kitchen roll and putting it at the bottom of the bin before you put the bag in? Definitely for the men.

No! Why can’t we just do something because WE enjoy it?! No man strokes my stubbly armpits (okay, that’s not 100% true I did make Reece touch my armpit the other day, just to illustrate how quickly those bastard hairs grow) but I shave them for myself. I bleach the sink to see that bugger sparkle. And my Zoflora in the bottom of a bin trick is simply for my own pleasure and amusement.

I’m well aware that the author of that article makes some decent points, like I’m fully on board with the fact that women do so much work around the house that isn’t acknowledged. However, that doesn’t mean we just don’t do them all?  I think what the author was missing is that we’re not being dragged back into the world of Mad Men just because there’s been a rise in women dousing their bathrooms with a bit of Flash.

I’m not forced to stay home and scrub the floors like Cindrella by my husband, I clean the house as and when I want to because I want to. What might not be evident on Instagram is the whole household. Yes, Mrs Hinch might be posting her hauls from Home Bargains and shoving Toilet Duck down the loo but that’s not going to be everything that happens in their house. You might not see Mr Hinch hanging the pictures on the wall, clearing the garden of weeds and doing the ironing on a Wednesday evening after work.

We’ve got enough shit going on in the world, babes. We don’t need to fight over someone’s post on Instagram showing what they bought from Savers that morning.

Realistic Renovations: The Bathroom Before and Hopefully After.

I feel like, in my head I’ve really bigged up the fact I’ve created a new feature on my blog. Like it deserves its own theme tune and all sorts. But really, it’s just me chatting about my house and saying the word bathroom too many times.

Let me preface this with some backstory about our house: we live near London, and our budget wasn’t massive, so our choices were limited. This house had pros: it was standing up straight, it was a house, it was affordable and close to the schools we liked and the station for Reece’s commute. The cons were: the bathroom wasn’t fantastic, the kitchen was dated and the entire house needed a bit of pizazz to become Our Home. BUT it was our house for now.


This is what the bathroom looked like when we came to view the house. As you can see, the suite is blue. Not ideal. We’ve also got some intriguing mirror tiles next to the shower, so that you get the perfect view of your chins when you’re singing along to Ariana Grande whilst shampooing your hair. I don’t think we need to talk about the carpet because that’s just a cardinal sin in it’s own right.

SKIP FORWARD 18 MONTHS. (We’re not lazy, honest, we just got married in the middle and that takes up a lot of time.)



We’re now bathing in a little bit of a building site. The tiles have been ripped off most of the wall and the shower has disappeared. The carpet has been peeled back, faces made at what’s underneath, and a Wickes order quickly completed.

SO THE EXCITING PART. What do I want my bathroom to look like? Well. Let me start by telling you how impossible it is to find bathrooms that look like mine on Pinterest. I don’t have room for a frickin’ free standing bath and a wet room! I’ve got one tiny window and my bathroom floor/carpet is covered in rubber ducks and Elliot’s bath-time tea set. It’s not exactly pinnable, I’ll be honest.

The only bathroom I found that is similar size-wise to mine was this. A blog post from 2012 so I’ve been clinging to this photo like a lucky amulet hoping I’ll get some good bathroom powers from it.

My bathroom dreams. (I’ll also come back to this at the end of the project and see if all my dreams came true..)

  • A WHITE SUITE! A toilet bowl that isn’t blue!
  • White tiles around the shower/bath. Let me elaborate on this point. I’m on the side of the fence that wants simple, white tiles around the bath and shower, Reece is on the side that wants blue/grey tiles randomly placed into the pattern to give a bit of colour. Answers on a postcard please, help me convince him that I’m right.
  • A mirrored cabinet above the sink. We haven’t bothered to put anything up because we always knew the bathroom was changing, so all my skincare products (my Aldi face wash I spoke about in a previous post and some Body Shop bits) are currently all over the shop and I’m applying said products to my face with a tiny shaving mirror whilst sat on Elliot’s step-up stool.
  • Marble flooring. Right, hear me out on this, I KNOW we won’t be able to have proper marble flooring. But I found some vinyl flooring that looked like marble on the B&Q website and fell in love. However I don’t think I’m going to win this battle. We’ll probably end up with maybe a grey wood-finish laminate vibe.
  • A duck egg/light blue wall. As we’ve only got the tiny window I know the room needs to be quite light, so I don’t want to make the walls too dark. A light blue seems a very stereotypical bathroom colour but I thought if the tiles were just white, then you can paint the walls whatever colour you fancy whenever you fancy and you don’t have to worry about the clash. A little tiny bit of me has been thinking about green though….

If you’ve made it this far, well done! All I’ve been thinking about is bathrooms for what feels like forever, and it was just good to get a brain dump out here. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to show some progress, so keep your eyes peeled here and on my Instagram stories at @hayleyldoyle. I’ve got a Bathroom highlight which will have all the details on as well!