11 Ideas For Your Next Zoom Quiz Night

Anyone else spending this lockdown expanding their general knowledge like never before? I’ve reached the point where I’m almost confident I could take on a Chaser. Not the Beast though. I’m not a mad man.

Anyway, if you’re bored of the same old quiz rounds that have been going for the past three months – let me give you some ideas for your next quiz.

P.S if you’re one of our friends that Reece and I have been saying “we’re going to do a quiz!” to for the past three weeks, don’t be surprised if you have to sit through 6 rounds of this rubbish. We are so tired.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash
  • Name the dead plant. Is it a strawberry plant? Is it a weed? Either way, it’s crispy and brown and taking up room on my patio.
  • (I’ll be honest – stole this one straight from Joe Lycett) Cummings and Goings – test your eyesight on some blurry castles from around the country.
  • What’s the Ikea product? I was sorting through some of the many bulging cupboards and drawers in my house earlier due to isolation boredom and discovered every user guide and instruction manual we’ve ever been given. Cue me shouting out names like “BJURSTA” and “ARNOLD” to my husband, forcing him to guess what item in our house is called Arnold, completely ruining his lunch break but entertaining myself massively.

  • What Lego part is that in my foot? It’s nearly always a lightsaber blade as my child is unspeakably obsessed with taking them apart. Sometimes it’s Darth Maul’s spiky head. That really hurts.

  • Connell from Normal People or Man In Your Local Wetherspoons Wearing A Generic Chain From Argos? Will award extra points for why people find the chain so attractive. I’ve only seen two episodes though and when he gets in that fight and turns up at Marianne’s house drunk and bloodied…that, I can understand. I think we’re getting distracted here.

  • What song is my child singing? Last week, we had an afternoon of confusion. Elliot was singing a song that apparently had the words “Can you locate, locate, lucky Annie” in it. We spent ages trying to work out what the hell he was on about. It was Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson. My post-baby pelvic floor couldn’t handle it.

  • What advert is my child quoting? I’ll be really honest, I’d like to think we don’t have the telly on THAT much. But adverts seem to get into my child’s head like nothing else. The other day I was brushing his teeth, humming Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now and he said “Katie, you’re on mute!” and I looked at him baffled until he reminded me it was a Virgin Media advert. Sigh.

  • What Instagram filter is that? Are you truly a Millenial if you can’t tell your Valencia from your Amaro?

  • (This round is 100% stolen from a quiz we do every week – thanks, Tom!) Who said it: Richard Branson or Esther Rantzen? We scored something ridiculous like 6 out of 10, which for two people who probably couldn’t pick Esther Rantzen out of a line-up, isn’t too bad.

  • Which Emo tune from 2007 is that? Reece and I play this game regularly – I don’t have any skills that pay the bills yet you play me the first 5 seconds of The Curse of Curves by Cute Is What We Aim For and I’ll beat you every time.

  • Is that an Up The Back poo or has it stayed in the nappy? We’re playing this game all day every day. There are no winners.

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