Five Things I’m Proud Of This November

November is always a big month for me. My birthday is at the beginning of the month and if I’m not careful then I find I can sometimes lose the rest of the month in a bit of a haze because I peaked too soon. This month I’m trying to stop that and a New Year’s Resolution but a New Birth Year’s Resolution. I’ve turned 25 and feel like I’d need something to write home about.

I’m also really bad at acknowledging when I’ve done something well, so this is also me shouting from the rooftops: I did some things this month I was proud of. I also did things I wasn’t as proud of, definitely ate a few too many chocolate biscuits and I definitely haven’t hoovered my house for nearly a week at the moment but that’s by the by. We’ve always got next month.


So here goes: I, Hayley Doyle have had a few wins this month and let me read them to you now.

  • I booked my smear test. I’ve since had to cancel it because life gets in the way BUT the thought of ringing the doctor and booking it had reduced me to tears many a time, so the fact that I made that initial call is a big deal for me. I promise I won’t re-hash this point out if I make a Things I’m Proud Of In December post.


  • I got the majority of my hair chopped off. After having long-ish hair for about a decade, I decided it was time for it to go. (And when I say long, the shortest I’ve been since probably around the age of 6 was just below my shoulders.) The moment where I lost my shit with my own hair was the other week, ripping through my split ends with my Tangle Teezer whilst grumbling about the state of my life, the world and everything when I realised it could just go. It’ll grow back, probably quicker than I would like but it will grow back. I just can’t believe I mugged myself off for so long convincing myself that long hair was my Thing when really, I feel much more mature and like I’ve got my shit together with short hair.


  • I’ve stuck with this blog for longer than ever before. YES, I know you’re going to say “Hayley, babe, it’s been a month and a half” but this feels different. I’ve started blog after blog for years and never stuck at it for longer than two posts. This just feels a bit more stable, like I’ve got something to say and I’m glad I’ve got somewhere to say it. I bought a new notebook, a proper Moleskine one (from TK Maxx, lol) and I sat in a coffee shop this morning writing notes for this post. I’ve always felt sick when letting people read my writing so actually releasing my words into the wild is an achievement for me. Plus two people messaged me the other day to tell me they liked one of my posts which was like someone lifted the world off my shoulders for a second.


  • I’m settling myself into a routine of working, blogging and volunteering at my son’s school. With regards to my ~day job, I’m making sure to try and push myself as much as possible, and to make sure my brain is working. Possibly too hard, as I worked four days this week and woke up Thursday morning absolutely exhausted. I don’t know how people work full time, I swear. But it’s all good, as I’m so used to being rooted in my comfort zone, to push myself out of my box a little bit and see what else I can do. I’m going to remain cryptic on this one a bit as I don’t want to talk about where I work too much, or Elliot’s school as there’s probably rules for this kind of thing. But I’m proud.


  • I’ve already started Christmas shopping. I KNOW. I’ve got a spreadsheet and everything! Let me have this moment, okay. We all know I’ll be running down to ASDA at 8pm on Christmas Eve Eve to bulk buy prosecco for everyone I’ve forgotten about.

What have you achieved this month? From vaginas to Amazon orders – let me know! Let’s celebrate together.

One thought on “Five Things I’m Proud Of This November

  1. Feel like I need a little life update from you RE job 🙂 and don’t worry about the smear test, it’s completely fine and you will wonder what you were worrying about xx


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