In Defense of The Lazy Day

I’ve officially reached the half way point of half term (at the time of writing, by the time this goes live it’ll officially be 3/4 of the way through.) Today a fellow mum turned to me at the bus stop and said “at least it’s nearly over!” and then her face fell when I said I had a full week of entertaining a four year old left.

I’m all for an adventure, you’ll see all over this blog that Elliot and I are always gallivanting about but this half term has brought a new found love into my life. I’ve always appreciated a lazy day, God knows I spent 90% of my teenage years sat in my bed scrolling on Tumblr. (The other 10% was spent normally wandering around a car park, or the town centre trying to look cool. It didn’t work, so back to bed I went.) But I never really cracked the art of a lazy day with a child.

In the middle of one of our famed lazy mornings. Yes, I’m wearing a nightie that has boobs all over it, it’s from Monki.

This half term, Elliot has been absolutely knackered. He walked out of school on Friday afternoon and started coughing and spluttering straight away. I diagnosed him with half term-itis and the remedy? Staying at home, preferably in comfies and slippers and watching movies. Or, if you’re my awkard child, watching back to back episodes of Hardball; a gameshow on BBC2 hosted by Ore Oduba.

I’ve found out there’s nothing better than not getting dressed until lunchtime, spending hours in bed taking silly selfies (see above) and playing hide and seek under the duvet. Having domino tournaments whilst teaching Elliot about 80’s power ballads on Spotify are my favourite afternoons. Drawing pictures of everyone in our family, and only being slightly offended when I look like Penfold from Dangermouse. I don’t know how it took  me this long to find out how fun it is to do nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, we have left the house. I would definitely have gone mad if we’d had to spend the entire two weeks on lockdown. But there’s nothing wrong with going for a scoot around the block for some fresh air before retreating back to your slippers and pyjamas for an afternoon of learning about fridges, shipping containers and prosthetic legs on CBeebies. Elliot has changed so much at school over the past six weeks; he’s braver, more confident and he knows so many more songs. It’s nice to be able to find out what he’s like again, after six weeks of him being out of the house 30 hours a week.

This first week has been all about learning about each other again, after what feels like a million years apart. Now that I know everything that’s going on with my tiny best friend, this week is going to be taking everything we’ve learnt about over the past week – the bridges, all the Autumn facts he’s full of, the numbers and using them when we’re out and about. I know he wants to go and see Tower Bridge after reading about it in a new book so that’ll be something we pop out to do at the end of this week. He learns so much at school every day that it’s nice to just explore the little things.

….not sure how we’ll work prosthetic legs into our activities but I’m sure I’ll work something out.

2 thoughts on “In Defense of The Lazy Day

  1. Love it – nothing wrong with a lazy day. I see a lot of pressure that people should be taking their kids out 24/7 over half-term. My little cousins go out every single day and to be honest, I don’t think they appreciate it because to them it’s just the ‘norm’. You’re doing good 🙂 Love to you and Elliot xx


    • ahh, thank you! I felt so guilty going back to school and basically saying we’d not adventured out anywhere. was so good to just have a few sofa days. 🙂 xx


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