PYO Pumpkins

It’s nearly Halloween, I own an Instagram account, I could tentatively call myself a blogger. You don’t get a prize for guessing what I got up to on Saturday afternoon.


Yep, pumpkin picking! It’s become a bit of a tradition of ours to go every year, since I love all things autumnal and Elliot loves all things orange. It just makes sense!

Where is it? We always go to PYO Pumpkins in Hoo, Kent. We find it’s got some good quality pumpkins, it’s quite easy to walk around and it’s just got a really nice, friendly vibe about it. (Other than the man who was wearing a pink skeleton mask and was riding round on a tractor – Elliot was convinced he was there to eat us all…) It’s a bit of a drive away from anywhere, but it’s definitely worth it.

What’s there then? …pumpkins, obviously? There’s fields and fields of pumpkins, squashes and various other veg. There’s a shop of Halloween tat which is always good to spend a few quid in and a burger van where we have our annual sausage and bacon roll and hot chocolate every year. It’s very Instagrammable and will get you excited for autumn. Plus you get to wheel your kids around in wheelbarrows which is always fun.


Marks out of ten? I’d give it a good 8, especially as it was a lovely day when we went. It’s free entry, and the pumpkins are reasonably priced (we got 14 pumpkins, including some proper bigguns for £12 which really isn’t bad.) The only downside this year was that in previous years they’ve had various spooky activities going on around the field and that was missing this year. I remember last year there was a caravan which was made up to look spooky, and that was missing but I have a feeling they’d just grown the pumpkins in a different field and don’t blame them for not wanting to drag a caravan around the farm for the sake of a skeleton in a cupboard.

PYO Pumpkins is open until 28th October, so if your half term is still going, I’d get down there quick and get yourself some pumpkins!

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