I’m Not A Bad Feminist Because I Dust My Curtain Poles

If you follow me on Twitter, (@hayleyldoyle) then you’ll see I retweeted a Metro article the other day about cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch. And let me tell you, this woman goes IN on Mrs Hinch and all those who bleach behind her.

Now, I’m all over women supporting women and am not overly angry at the author of the piece. I’m angry that women can’t enjoy shit without someone having a go at them.


Women don’t seem to be able to enjoy something for themselves, people don’t seem to believe it, everything we do must be For The Men. Shaving armpits? For the men. Bleaching the sink? For the patriarchy. Putting some Zoflora on a bit of kitchen roll and putting it at the bottom of the bin before you put the bag in? Definitely for the men.

No! Why can’t we just do something because WE enjoy it?! No man strokes my stubbly armpits (okay, that’s not 100% true I did make Reece touch my armpit the other day, just to illustrate how quickly those bastard hairs grow) but I shave them for myself. I bleach the sink to see that bugger sparkle. And my Zoflora in the bottom of a bin trick is simply for my own pleasure and amusement.

I’m well aware that the author of that article makes some decent points, like I’m fully on board with the fact that women do so much work around the house that isn’t acknowledged. However, that doesn’t mean we just don’t do them all?  I think what the author was missing is that we’re not being dragged back into the world of Mad Men just because there’s been a rise in women dousing their bathrooms with a bit of Flash.

I’m not forced to stay home and scrub the floors like Cindrella by my husband, I clean the house as and when I want to because I want to. What might not be evident on Instagram is the whole household. Yes, Mrs Hinch might be posting her hauls from Home Bargains and shoving Toilet Duck down the loo but that’s not going to be everything that happens in their house. You might not see Mr Hinch hanging the pictures on the wall, clearing the garden of weeds and doing the ironing on a Wednesday evening after work.

We’ve got enough shit going on in the world, babes. We don’t need to fight over someone’s post on Instagram showing what they bought from Savers that morning.

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