Realistic Renovations: The Bathroom Wishlist

Since I’m pretty useless with regards to actually working on the bathroom. (We did have a slight discussion about the other day which ended with me proclaiming “I CAN PLUMB! YOU PASS ME A SCREWDRIVER I CAN DO WHATEVER IS NEEDED IN THAT BATHROOM I’LL SHOW YOU!” I did not. I scraped a bit of wallpaper and made the tea and sandwiches.)

What I CAN do, however, is create elaborate wishlists of things I wish to put in the bathroom when it’s all finished because we all know that’s the exciting bit.

Before, in the brown, yellow and blue bathroom of doom we’d just bought random accessories that I liked. A copper bin and some black and white mats – nice on their own yet just added to the horror when mixed with the other colours that were already going on.

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen my stories regarding bathrooms, and I’ve been trying out some different colour paint, I’m currently torn between a dark denim blue and a slightly-darker-than-duck-egg blue, so the copper bin will stand out like a sore thumb. And during the course of the works we’ve had enough sore thumbs (and fingers – the blood splattered on the wall next to my toilet still looks slightly ominous) so I think it’s time for some new accessories.

Mirrored Bathroom Cupboard

We never bothered to put a bathroom cabinet on the wall, because we knew it was all going to get done soon. Shame it actually took 18 months for us to get round to it. I’m so excited to have somewhere to put the toothpaste and my night cream other than …the floor.

Heated Towel Rail

Perfect for so many reasons, we never had anywhere proper to hang towels as we only had only two piddly little hooks before and one was for a hand towel and Elliot always claimed the other (and that was strictly for his use only). Also, having a heated towel rail allows me to indulge in one of life’s true joys: radiator pants in the morning. Amen.

Marble Tufted Bath Mat (80cm x 50cm)

Bathroom Mats

I actually went out and bought this today. I wanted marble flooring, after discussing we decided it wasn’t a winner. But marble bath mat is a whole new story, right?! I’m incredibly excited about this. Is that sad? I actually went out especially for this. Who am I? ALSO what makes it worse is I’m a bit gutted they didn’t have a matching one for the toilet, so I’m still on the hunt for the ~perfect pedestal mat.

Wilko Marble Effect Tumbler Image 1

Toothbrush Holder

Can you see the trend here? I also want a matching soap dish because I see myself as a lady who has a Lush bar of soap out in her lovely bathroom on a marble soap dish (albeit one from Wilko) but at the moment I’m just an woman looking at her Imperial Leather asking it not to leave horrible marks on her sink.

I’m also on the look out for a new toilet roll holder and a little rail for flannels to go next to the sink but they’re not very exciting and don’t always come in marble print so I lose interest quickly. But for now, this is it.

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