Realistic Renovations

I’ve become a tiny bit obsessed with renovations on Instagram. And when I say a tiny bit obsessed, I mean, it’s taken over Candy Crush in my list of “things to do when laying in bed at night.” The only problem I’m finding is that there’s a severe lack of houses relevant to my own.


We bought our house a year ago, and recently, I’ve been feeling a bit dejected as it’s not as exciting as anyone I follow on Instagram. I’ve been LOVING watching The Frugality‘s Instagram stories of her renovation (I never knew I’d find watching someone paint their hallway so much fun) but it’s not really something I can apply to my own house, unfortunately. It’s a ..cosy two bedroom terrace that was built in about 1992 and I don’t even HAVE  a hallway I can paint on Instagram stories.

However, swings and roundabouts, it’s my house and I love it even though its previous owners made some rather questionable choices. I mean, a blue bathroom suite may have been the fashion 20 years ago, I guess. I also really appreciated them painting the whole house and putting new carpets down everywhere a few years ago, but did you really have to pick yellow walls and brown carpet? I mean, really?

Anyway. Since I couldn’t find anywhere online that really showed a house like mine, a house that doesn’t have five bedrooms and a entrance room with a large staircase or an en-suite bathroom, I thought I’d make it myself with my new feature – Realistic Renovations. We’re doing our house up, our budget is on the smaller side and the work will be completely undertaken by my husband and his dad but I’m going to talk you through it anyway, as I know that’s something I’d enjoy to read or watch.

Updates will be on my Instagram story: hayleyldoyle and I’ll be posting on here regularly through the next few weeks..and maybe months..but I’d rather not wait that long for a working shower please!

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