I feel a bit weird talking to approximately no-one, as this is simply for my own sanity that I’ve gone through all the rigmarole of creating a new blog. Believe it or not, this plain webpage is customized!

I wasn’t sure what to talk about as my first ever blog post as Hayley Doyle (actually, becoming Hayley Doyle would be a good shout but that’ll take planning.) So I’m going to do what I saw someone else doing online and write some things I’m grateful for at the moment.

I’m one for wallowing in a pit of mud like that hippo that everyone goes mad for over Twitter..Fiona! I am the human equivalent of Fiona the hippo. So for me to acknowledge that things are going well is a rather big deal. But here we go…

  • I’m grateful for my little boy Elliot, and the fact that he puts up with having Fiona the hippo for a mother. (I’m starting to think I’m giving Fiona a bad rap here, she’s probably much more motivated than I am.) I’m also grateful that he got the school we were after, so he gets to grow up with his friends from Nursery for the next …6 years? We won’t think about that too much as I start to have visions of myself in six years time and it doesn’t look good.
  • I’m grateful for my husband R, because I can sum him up by saying that he made himself late for work today by getting rid of not one but two monster wasps that set up home on our sofa. He does many other things but that one sticks in my mind as I bloody hate wasps.
  • I’m grateful for My Little Pony: Friendship Games because currently that’s what’s capturing Elliot’s attention and allowing me to sit here tapping away.
  • I’m grateful for England’s weather, as it’s absolutely beautiful and I’m currently baking like a happy jacket potato but we all know full well that this time next week it’ll be a much more suitable temperature and we can all put the cardigans back on.
  • I’m grateful for my new obsession, My Dad Wrote A Porno the podcast because I can never sleep when it’s this bloody hot, and it’s better to be awake at 1am laughing than awake at 1am listening to Elliot snoring and crying that you’re going to be woken up in 5 hours (which was me regularly before finding this podcast.)
  • I’m grateful to myself, for thinking of sitting down and writing this all out this afternoon because it’s cooled an otherwise rather anxious brain down to a more suitable level for a Friday afternoon.

So anyway, this blog will probably be full (well, more like half-full, I’m currently typing one-handed because Elliot’s decided he has to lay ON my arm and and it’s taking quite a while) of house decorating (on a serious budget) as we’re planning on redecorating our entire house in the next few months and also me chatting about days out I have with Elliot, as we do try and keep ourselves busy and any day out that involves a train, a scooter and a coffee shop is grand with us.

I also, and this is where the lights dim and I step out into a spotlight to tell you all my tale of woe, suffer from anxiety and OCD and they will be discussed in depth, especially when I’m struggling.

Anyway. Peace up, A-Town.

Hayley x

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